Neocities Help

The (unoffical) guide to Neocities!

Making your first website in HTML!

So, you get on Neocities and you can't wait to start working on your site! But you don't know how to code... Well don't worry, this site will teach you how to make your first website!

First I'd like point out that Neocities has done their own interactive tutorial, however it's still at Chapter 1 and only teaches you the basics. Anyways, let's start with the guide!

Chapter 1: HTML tags.

HTML uses things called "tags", tags have a start and an end. Take a look at our example below. As you can see, our HTML code contains the <p> tag, that is our start, then at the end we have </p>. When you start a tag, the end will become the tag with a "/" in front of our name. If you're still confused, look at the start and end of our <b> tag. The start is just <b>, while the end has a "/" in front of the name, for example </b>.

Chapter 2: The basic tags.

Now that you know how HTML works, let's start learning some tags! Take a look at our example below... Our <h1> tag is a heading, which makes the big text. Headings have multiple versions from 1 to 6, from the order of biggest to smallest. Then we have a <p> tag, which is called a paragraph, that is used for simple text. You might notice we put a tag inside of a tag, the <b> tag. The <b> tag is the bold tag, and makes your text bold as you see in the example.
Here is an example website I made, very basic, however in the code there's some things you might notice. There are "indents", you might ask what is a indent? An indent is when you add a tab or a space to signify a piece of code is in something, for example... As you can see in our HTML code, our <p> tag has a space in the front, we also see our <p> tag is in the <body> tag. The space you see infront of our <p> tag is an indent. Indents mostly happen when a tag is in another, look back at our previous example and you'll notice when indents occur.