Neocities Help

The (unoffical) guide to Neocities!

Supporter Workarounds

First i'd like to say just because there's a paid plan, it's not limiting if you're using the free plan. Really it's there just for people who want to support Neocities, hence the name. It's not meant to be a "full" or "non-limiting" plan.

Perhaps you don't want supporter, but don't worry, there are workarounds to some of the cool things you can have of supporter. Now note, these won't unlock supporter features for free or give you Supporter for free, these are just workarounds.

Uploading any file.
There are some easy workarounds to this, you could use different web hosts like or which allow direct links with no registering.

WebDAV support.
You can always have some script using the CLI to update your site every minute. (In the rules of the API you can only update your site every minute or more.)

Basic email support.
If you ever need help with Neocities and this site doesn't help you, you can always join the (unofficial) Discord server.