Neocities Help

The (unoffical) guide to Neocities!


When you're on Neocities you might have a few questions, so here we will answer them!

Q: PHP isn't working... :(
Neocities doesn't allow things that run on your server, this includes PHP, SQL, Node.js and other stuff. The reason for this is that Neocities is mean't to have your website last long. Programming languages like PHP get outdated pretty quickly meaning your site won't work properly! D: The main programming languages you can use however is HTML, CSS and JS.

Q: My webpage/file isn't updating!
Sometimes your site or a file won't update. This is simple, simply go to the page of your file (for example your index.html file would be on "") and view it, even if it is a css or js file meaning viewing it just views the code. Then just refresh the page, now try again and it should work.

Q: How can I get followers?
Of course there are ways similar to other websites to get followers, but if you care mostly about real followers rather than just a big number, try advertising your site to maybe your profile page on a forum, a link to your site on social media and telling your friends. Try to talk with other users on Neocities to make friends, sometimes even following a site you like might have them look at your site theirselfs and follow you. Simply be nice, and work on your site.

Q: But I really want PHP!!!
There are some other sites like which allow you to have a node.js app completely for free. Meaning you could try having the site use the API to upload a webpage file or have your Neocities site use files from the other server. If you combine your own server with Neocities, you could make some cool stuff. However this does defeat the purpose of having your site last, so if you care about that try to find a way to have it still work or be an archive if your server shuts down or stops running.

Q: Is there anyway to bypass supporter?
Supporter was made to have users be able to support Neocities, in return they get some neat stuff. While you can't "bypass" it, you can find workarounds to it. Head over to Supporter Workarounds for thee infos. B)